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Right to Reply
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Created  Tu 2-Dec-98
Revised  Mo 15-Jul-02

Right to Reply was a 30-minute TV programme shown on Channel 4 and S4C that gave viewers the chance to have their complaints addressed by the programme makers. I took part a record seven times to have my say. Transcripts and video clips can be found on the pages below.

Right to Reply is Copyright of Channel 4 Television Corporation.

Channel 5 Preview

Before its launch, I asked whether the people at Channel 5 were keeping viewers in the picture about what they had to do to receive its service.

Channel 5 Reception

After Channel 5 began broadcasting I covered the aerial issue again for Right 2 Reply. I made a cheeky film about the launch of the new channel and took part in a studio discussion about who would and would not be getting it. Read the transcript of that discussion which includes Channel 5's then-CEO, David Elstein, talking about the availability of C5 on cable and satellite.


Programme Delivery Control allows you to set your video to record a programme, knowing that, even if the programme doesn't run on time, you'll still get the whole thing on tape. In October 1997, asked C4's Manager of Technical Operations how reliable one of broadcasting's best kept secrets is. And the Director of BREMA spoke about what features consumers should look for when buying a new video.


The future is wide. But is widescreen a benefit to viewers or just some arty thing we can well do without?

Revised Mo 15-Jul-02

Permanent on-screen logos are used by broadcasters to tell you what channel you are watching. These "DOGs" are now invading more channels. I say they annoy viewers so let's get rid of them!


TV companies today are very image conscious, sometimes spending huge sums on their on-screen look. But do the logos have higher production values than some of the programmes? And as the broadcasters increasingly turn to outside agencies for their marketing, how long before the marketeers' influence spreads to the programmes themselves?

Future TV

Who will control TV in the future? Will there be less regulation? How will the Internet be involved? Will there be a single ITV company and will the BBC still exist? These were some of the subjects under discussion in the first Right to Reply of 2000, a special looking at the future of TV.

  Editorial : Goodbye Right to Reply

In April 2001, C4 decided to silence the critical opinions it had welcomed since the channel began and pulled the plug on Right to Reply. The channel has fought against privatisation and yet acts increasingly like a private company. Has it finally lost the plot?

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