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Created  Mo 8-Feb-99
Revised  We 1-Sep-21

THAMES Logo Parade

A tribute to the famous London skyline of Thames Television.

BBC Logo Gallery

The changing on-screen look of the BBC.

BBC 1 1985

In February 1985, 24 hours before the very first episode of EastEnders was broadcast, the first computer-generated BBC 1 globe was launched.

Station Idents from the 70s Revised  Mo 1-Feb-21

Amazing feats accomplished with bits of coloured paper.

Station Idents from the 80s Revised

When computer graphics began to spoil the fun.

ITV 1999

Some of the ITV network had a new look in November 1999. New graphics featured "dual branding" - the regional logo, plus the ITV logo. A theme based on a heart shape was also built into the idents, break bumpers and programme trailers.

ITV 2002

In October 2002 ITV re-branded itself once again with a set of celebrity idents. Most of the country now saw only the ITV1 brand on screen - company names, such as Anglia, had been relegated to appearing only before regional programmes. In 2003, with Scottish and Grampian now on board, the entire network had adopted the new look to some extent.

ITV 2003

In September 2003 ITV "refreshed" its on-air look and began showing an updated batch of celebrity idents. Three months later Carlton introduced new regional idents. Then in February 2004, when Granada and Carlton merged to form ITV plc, there was a unified look for national and regional news bulletins, killing off the last mention of HTV, and a common design for regional production captions was introduced.

ITV 2004 Revised  Mo 1-Mar-21

In November 2004 ITV3 launched and ITV1 ditched the celebrity idents, as it modified the channel logos of the newly enlarged "ITV family". It also took the opportunity to remove the final traces of LWT and Carlton from the network and introduced new captions for the end of programmes, bringing us "Granada Anglia" and "Granada Manchester" productions, to name but two. Now with a section on ITV's 50th anniversary celebrations.

BBC Flash-free Files Revised  Mo 1-Mar-21

Re-creations of symbols, clocks and test patterns as seen on the BBC, produced in a Flash-free format, so that they will work once support for Adobe's Flash plug-in is withdrawn at the end of the year. This update sees the first Flash-free Files with added audio - the Open University brass theme and the BBC 2 jingle from the Radiophonic Workshop.

More Flash-free Files Revised

More Flash-free re-creations, this time it's the clocks, idents and break bumpers from ITV and Channel 4. Additions for this update: two more ATV idents from 1956, a Thames ident and break bumper from 1968, plus the animation that used to be shown between commercials on London Weekend.

Flash Files Revised  Fr 1-Jan-21

For nearly a decade, Dave Jeffery lovingly re-created old TV logos, test cards and clocks, using Flash. Part one features the symbols that would appear before each programme and those shown in the commercial breaks. Now that the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is no longer supported, this site now uses the Ruffle Flash Player emulator so that the content of this page will continue to work on the desktop and will also now be available on mobile phones and tablets.

More Flash Files Revised  Fr 1-Jan-21

More of Dave Jeffery's work, this time featuring clocks and test cards, plus presentation used for schools and The Open University. Thanks to the Ruffle Flash Player emulator, this content will continue to work on the desktop, now that the Flash plug-in is no longer supported, and it will also now be available on mobile phones and tablets.

LWT Flash Files Revised  Fr 1-Jan-21

When LWT wanted to celebrate its last day on air before the changeover to "ITV1 London", Dave Jeffery was called upon to re-create some of LWT's past presentation and even invent some new stuff for a broadcast tribute. This page uses the Ruffle Flash Player emulator to ensure the content is accessible both on the desktop and also on mobile phones and tablets.

Windows Screensaver Flash Files Revised  Th 1-Apr-21

Flash-free clocks that can be installed to run as screensavers on your Windows PC. These replace the Flash-based screensavers, which will no longer work now that Adobe has disabled Flash. This update has a black-and-white BBC 1 clock and fixes for the BBC 2 and Channel 4 clocks.

Worst Logo Competition

Which is the tackiest, cheesiest TV logo of all time? And which one is the scariest?

Cult Programme Logos

Programme logos from The Prisoner, Charlie's Angels, Doctor Who, Tiswas and Top of the Pops. Now presented in a mobile-friendly layout.