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ITV 2004

a new look to welcome a new channel

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ITV updated its branding again in November 2004, as it launched a brand new channel, ITV3.

This was the first change since the merger of Granada and Carlton to form ITV plc. As well as ditching the celebrity idents, the company also decided it was the end of the road for the Carlton and LWT brands.

The screenshots shown contain graphics that are copyright of the ITV company portrayed and/or the ITV Network.

And then there were three...

The first hint of the changes to the brand identity of ITV's family of channels occured with the trailing of a new channel, ITV3.

On screen promotions showed the ITV letters were now split into three separate tiles. The channel number was then added at the end, as before, as you can see at the bottom of the launch night programme schedule.

ITV3 Opening Night Programme Menu - 9.00 REBUS; 10.00 HACK; 11.00 IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT - Tomorrow on ITV3 (20K)

The new branding scheme also allowed for the channel number to be added underneath the ITV name, in a stacked formation, allowing it to appear much more prominently. For ITV3 the "3" was on the face of a slightly twisted cube.

The "Starts tomorrow" caption indicates the channel would be exclusive to Freeview and digital cable. This was because Sky had a freeze on new channel launches. But ITV found a way around this by doing a last-minute deal with BSkyB to buy its 49.5% share of Granada Sky Broadcasting, allowing it to close Granada's Plus channel and replace it with ITV3 on the satellite platform, just in time for launch. The deal cost £10m and doubled ITV3's potential audience. It also allowed ITV3 access to Plus's programmes.

ITV3 Starts Tomorrow - Exclusively Available on Freeview & Digital Cable (19K)
ITV2 Break bumper (20K)

ITV2's identity didn't have to change very much - it already used flying tiles and a prominent number "2". This is one of its break bumpers.

ITV2's identity didn't have to change very much - it already used flying tiles and a prominent number "2". This is one of its break bumpers.

ITV2 Break bumper (20K)

But it was on ITV1 where the changes would have the biggest impact, as the celebrity-based idents were ditched in favour of depictions of clouds and wind...


ITV1's new look launched on the morning of Monday, November 1st, 2004.

This was the first of the new idents broadcast. The ITV1 logo first comes together on the left-hand side in miniature, before breaking apart again.

The flying tiles concept developed in previous revamps was still in use. And having clouds as a background was first seen with ITV1's alernative, non-celebrity idents from the redesign that was launched in 2002.

ITV1 Clouds ident - the logo first forms up in miniature on the left-hand side (9K) ITV1 Clouds ident - the logo breaks apart, with the complete logo reflected in a tile (10K)

The "1" starts off on a yellow tile, but as the logo forms for the second time, in the centre of the screen, the tile then becomes a cube.

ITV1 Clouds ident - the four tiles are spread out and are about to come back together (11K) ITV1 Clouds ident - the '1' tile becomes a cube (11K)

ITV1 Wales continued to have its own announcing team based in Cardiff and its own version of the ident.

ITV1 Wales Clouds ident (20K)
ITV1 Clouds ident (19K)

The large, light blue tile that appears at the start of the ident's animation could be held in place and text overlayed on it to show what was coming up later. Channel 4 had tried something similar with a set of its idents.

ITV1 Programme Menu - Tonight - Now: Tonight with Trevor McDonald; Later: 8.30 A Touch of Frost (14K)

But there was another trick that ITV1's idents could do that had not been seen before. They could include short clips of the programmes coming up now and later...

ITV1 ident - Now (13K)
ITV1 ident - The Bill (13K)
ITV1 ident - Later (11K)
ITV1 ident - 9.00 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - Coming Out Show (20K)
ITV1 ident - with ribbons blowing in the breeze in the background (17K)

Once the clips had been shown, the ITV1 logo would assemble itself on screen, just as it would when no clips were used.

This ident uses a background of what seems to be silk ribbons blowing in a breeze. I'm not sure what the official title of this style is, but I hope it's "three sheets to the wind"!


ITV3 began at 9pm on Monday, November 1st, 2004, the same day as ITV1's relaunch.

After a holding caption reminding us when the channel would begin, viewers were shown a clock counting down to the big event.

ITV3 - Tonight 9pm (11K) Countdown timer to ITV3 (13K)

Once the clock reached zero, we were straight into the first announcement over an ident and then into the first programme, an unaired episode of Rebus, made for ITV, which had been left on the shelf for three years.

ITV3 ident - the wireframe cube flies past 'DRAMA' (16K) ITV3 ident - the wireframe cube flies past 'MOVIES' (12K) ITV3 ident (18K)

The ident before the second programme promoted Tuesdays, when ITV3 would be showing re-runs of A Touch of Frost, starring David Jason.

The idents all featured a rotating wireframe of a cube that resolved into the ITV3 logo.

ITV3 ident promoting A Touch of Frost, shown on Tuesdays (12K) ITV3 ident promoting A Touch of Frost - the wireframe cube moves into place (12K) ITV3 ident promoting A Touch of Frost - with fully-formed logo (19K)

Regional Variations

Here are some examples of the refreshed regional versions of the ITV1 idents, allowed only before regional programmes. These all use the third of three background images introduced at launch (along with the clouds and the breeze backgrounds shown above). More backgrounds were added later.

ITV1 Anglia ident (20K)
ITV1 Border ident (20K)
ITV1 Central ident (19K)
ITV1 Channel ident (22K)
ITV1 Granada ident (20K)
ITV1 Meridian ident (21K)
ITV1 Tyne Tees ident (20K)
ITV1 West ident (20K)
ITV1 West Country ident (20K)
ITV1 Yorkshire ident (20K)

End Credits Promotion

ITV continued to narrow the closing credits of programmes so that it could use the space to promote what was coming up later.

ITV1 - End Credits Promotion - ITV1 Today - Next / Then / Later (20K) ITV1 - End Credits Promotion - ITV1 Tonight - 5.00 The Paul O'Grady Show (20K)

End Production Captions

A Granada Production (20K)

As part of the rebrand, Carlton's orange production captions were removed from the end of programmes such as Today with Des and Mel. They were replaced by animated, purple Granada captions, finally purging the Carlton name from our screens.

The Anglia name, but not its flag logo, survived, as Trisha became a Granada Anglia production.

But LWT was now a gonner too. Its programmes became Granada London productions. (Although some programmes with LWT captions still slipped out occasionally.)

A Granada Anglia Production (18K) A Granada London Production (20K)

The Granada arrow and Yorkshire chevron logos were also lost as Coronation Street became a Granada Manchester production (since a Granada Granada production would have sounded silly!) and Emmerdale ended with a Granada Yorkshire caption.

The new purple captions were only used for programmes made for the whole country. Regional productions continued to use the blue and yellow ITV captions introduced in February.

A Granada Manchester Production (19K) A Granada Yorkshire Production (20K)
A Granada Thames Co-Production (20K)

This caption featuring both the Granada and Thames names was used for Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, which celebrated fifty years of ITV by re-creating some of the channel's classic game shows.

The X Factor

ITV1 began using special break bumpers and idents in the build up to The X Factor final in December 2004.

Animated caricatures of the judges were shown carrying placards. Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell tussled over the ITV1 logo, messages counting down the days to the final and signs promoting "THE FINAL" and "STEVE", representing singer Steve Brookstein, the eventual winner of the competition.

Louis Walsh carried a placard with "G4" on it, the name of the group he mentored, who finished as runners-up.

ITV1 ident with caricatures of The X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell carrying a placard with '1 day to go' written on it (22K)
ITV1 break bumper with caricatures of The X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell carrying a placard with the ITV1 logo on it (14K) ITV1 break bumper with caricatures of The X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell carrying a placard with 'THE FINAL' written on it (14K) ITV1 break bumper with caricatures of The X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell carrying a placard with 'STEVE' written on it (14K) ITV1 break bumper with a caricature of The X Factor judge Louis Walsh carrying a placard with 'G4' written on it (12K)

BRITs 25

The 25th BRIT awards were held on February 9th, 2005. The live show was promoted on ITV with the pop stars of today, such as Avril Lavigne, Busted and the Scissor Sisters, as they might look in the future.

BRITs 25 - ITV1+2 - Thursday 8.00 (20K) BRITs 25 - Scottish/Grampian - Thursday 8.00 (22K)
BRITs 25 - 3 Days to go - Break bumper (14K) BRITs 25 - Tonight - Break bumper (8K)

The Boat Race 2005

On March 27th, 2005, ITV showed the annual University Boat Race for the first time, ending the event's 50-year association with the BBC. Idents, trailers and break bumpers were produced to promote ITV's "live and exclusive" coverage.

The Boat Race 2005 - Break Bumper - close-up of an oar in the water (10K) The Boat Race 2005 - Break Bumper - a boat being rowed (11K)
The Boat Race 2005 - Live and Exclusive - ITV1 Sunday 2.00 (20K) The Boat Race 2005 - Live and Exclusive - UTV Sunday 2pm (18K)


On Monday, April 11th, 2005, ITV's daytime schedule was branded as ITV Day. ITV1's blue identity package made way for a new brighter image, based on the colours of a warm, sunny day. New programmes were also introduced, and others cancelled, in an attempt to win back viewers.

The ITV Day promo, seen above, stars presenters from GMTV, Phil and Fern from This Morning, Nicholas Owen and Katie Derham from the now hour-long ITV Lunchtime News, and Melanie Sykes from Today with Des and Mel.

Viewers in Wales kept their own announcers and "Wales" was added underneath the ITV Day logo. The idents were also used in Northern Ireland, but with the blue ITV tiles replaced with the UTV logo - hence "UTV Day". There was no special day-time branding for viewers in the Scottish and Grampian regions.

Idents, including programme menus, were based on leisure activities, such as cooking, keeping fit, cycling and errm... decorating.

ITV Day - Cooking ident (19K) ITV Day - Gym ident (17K)
ITV Day - Now: People's Court, Later: 10.30 This Morning (20K) ITV Day - Now: People's Court, Later: 10.30 This Morning (20K)

Promos also had an ITV Day theme.

ITV Day - Trailer for Mum's on Strike, with day-themed blocks (19K) ITV Day - Trailer for Mum's on Strike, Weekdays 2.45 (19K)

The break bumpers were based on the standard breeze ident but in orange and yellow. And there was a yellow version of the breeze ident shown before the Lunchtime News.

ITV Day - orange break bumper (13K) ITV Day - yellow break bumper (10K)

Hell's Kitchen

The second series of Hell's Kitchen started its nightly run on April 18th, 2005. Gordon Ramsey was replaced with two new chefs, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Gary Rhodes. The celebrity contestants were also replaced with members of the public for this series. This was the ident used to promote the show.

Jean-Christophe Novelli and Gary Rhodes in the ITV1 ident promoting Hell's Kitchen (21K)

ITV 50

In September 2005, ITV celebrated its 50th birthday, making a selection of special programmes to commemorate the event. There were also a couple of minute-long trailers...

ITV1's standard idents were temporarily replaced with a new set, with fireworks to celebrate "ITV 50".

ITV50 fireworks ident with yellow background (21K) ITV50 fireworks ident (20K)

There were also regional variations. And this time "Westcountry" was back to being a single word.

ITV50 fireworks ident - Anglia (21K)
ITV50 fireworks ident - Granada (20K)
ITV50 fireworks ident - Tyne Tees (20K)
ITV50 fireworks ident - Westcounty (21K)

The fireworks theme was also added to programme trails and end credit promotions.

ITV50 / ITV1 - promo endboard (20K) ITV50 / ITV Day - promo endboard (20K)
End Credit Promotion with fireworks (19K)

Who Did It

Bruce Dunlop & Associates were responsible for refreshing the look of ITV's channels, again utilising the talents of senior designer, Matthew Piper.

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