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Seven more Flash-free clocks

More Flash-free re-creations of old TV clocks from the Sixties to the Eighties...

BBC 2 black-and-white clock with roman numerals on the dial (12K) BBC 2 COLOUR clock with roman numerals on the dial (5K) BBC 2 COLOUR Service Information clock with Roman numerals on the dial - yellow on a blue background (6K) BBC 2 square clock, white on a blue background with light blue logo in the bottom left-hand corner (3K)
White clock on a dark background with a block of black tape in the top left-hand corner (3K) Clock with dial of orange, white and light blue stripes, flanked by horizontal stripes (3K) Yellow clock with Tyne Tees 'TTTV' logo in the top-left corner (2K)

...which brings the total number of BBC Flash-free Files to 54 and the total number of ITV and Channel 4 Flash-free Files to 78.

  • Despite Flash no longer being available, the Flash Files continue to run, and even work on mobiles and tablets now, thanks to the Ruffle emulator. Part one has idents and breakbumpers. Part two has schools presentation, Open University symbols and test cards.
  • For more TV graphics from the past, brought back to life by Dave Jeffery, why not visit his YouTube channel, modestly titled: Stupid Rubbish.

Other fun stuff!

Animated Thames Logos

Relax and watch the ripples on the Thames on a very calm day and an equally calm night! These animations are based on a Java applet written by David Griffiths and coverted into JavaScript so they can run on any browser.


Remember static - the random picture of dots you saw when tuning an analogue TV set? Hard to put on YouTube because too much changes too quickly for the codec to cope. But here it is perfectly generated by your browser (both in colour and black and white).

The Carltonisation of ITV

The story of the disappearance of Central and Westcountry, swept away by the Carlton branding machine.

The Consolidation of ITV

The story of the disappearance of LWT, HTV and the regional announcers, despite assurances from the Government that ITV's regional identities were safe in their hands.

The Unification of ITV

The story of how Carlton and Grampian disappeared along with hours of regional programming.

Digital TV - Beyond the Hype

Digital TV - Beyond the Hype

A FAQ on digital TV from 1999 when it was a new thing! A time when you could plug a set-top box into your TV and get Sky One on subscription with no dish, no cable and no internet required.

DOG Watch

DOG Watch!

From 2003, the annoyance of colourful, sometimes animated, permanent on-screen logos or "DOGs" that most channels have nowadays.

TV Logos

TV Logos Index
Revised  Sa 1-Oct-22

TV Station logos from yesteryear, featuring Dave Jeffery's Flash Files and Flash-free symbols, clocks and break bumpers. With special focus on the visual brand history of the BBC, Thames Television and ITV's unified look from 1999 to 2005. Now with seven more Flash-free clocks.

Public Information Films

Public Information Films Index

Transcripts of public information films with some available to watch (if you have RealPlayer, VLC or something similar and can put up with the tiny video size!).

Channel 5

Channel 5

Channel 5, Britain's newest and last terrestrial analogue TV network, was launched on Easter Sunday 1997 by The Spice Girls. This is an FAQ on the station from 1999.

Programme Delivery Control Explained

Programme Delivery Control

Everything you always ever wanted to know about PDC, the amazing invention which enabled you to set a timer to record a programme and it would still work, even if the programme was delayed. An FAQ from 2003 when analogue TV was still a thing.

Celebrity Swears

Celebrity Swears

TV favourite Zippy from Rainbow lets rip with a four-letter word in the name of entertainment. Yes it's really Zippy. Don't believe it? See for yourself!

TV Themes

TV Themes

Trying to get hold of an old TV theme? Here are the track listings from the TV Sets collection and This is the Return of Cult Fiction, which includes White Horses, judged to be the best tv theme ever!

Invasion of the Web Snatchers (4K)

Web Snatcher!

In 1996, Dave Van Staveren created a web site that turned out to consist almost entirely of other people's web pages. The other people weren't happy - especially when Dave accused them of copying from him! That December he visited the BBC and apologised for his actions. But that wasn't the end of the story...

Fifteen To One

Fifteen to One

Find out how you go about inventing a popular quiz show and what it's like to appear on one.


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